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Hanna Strauss
Tucson, United States

I am new to screenwriting but have worked in the feature film, animation and commercial industries for over 25 years as a professional storyboard artist. Originally, I was a biology major when I began my academic path in college. Along the way, I switched career goals and studied illustration and comic art. At one point I asked myself the question " is my ultimate career goal to become a scientific illustrator?" Ever since I was a girl I enjoyed creating and drawing stories with sequential art. But while working as an artist, I was offered the opportunity to assist a USGS biologist with his research on snakes. Since then, I have participated in several different wildlife ecology projects along side dedicated scientists studying endangered, threatened as well as invasive species. I have gathered data in situ to contribute to research papers in peer reviewed journals. 

 So now I combine the knowledge and experiences I have accrued in science and media and take the creative plunge to develop my own concepts for storytelling; primarily with a strong environmental message 

Scripts By Hanna

Joe Plant
A botanist is stabbed by a strange plant and transforms into a human/plant hybrid with plant growing powers. Eventually, he is faced with a decision that could cost him his life.
Feature Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 87pp
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