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Hans Nielsen
Durango, United States

Over the pass few years, I have written a lot of content for paying markets. Along with these short non-fiction articles, I have also created several short stories, film scripts and two novels. Finding homes for these latter literary efforts has been much more difficult, but very rewarding, when it does happen.

Scripts By Hans

On the Beach
A family weekend outing to the Outer Banks of North Carolina is interrupted by a notorious and fearsome time travelers from the early 18th century.
Short Family, Film-Noir, History For sale 22pp
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The Painted Cow
A novice gumshoe is called to investigate a bovine murder on a Pennsylvania dairy farm, but instead of delving into a routine case, the P.I. finds himself engulfed in a sinister world of corruption.
Feature Comedy For sale 116pp
The Fall Guy
Her companion thinks he's a private eye, but actually he's the fall guy for some high-powered politicos, who will be more than happy to frame the P.I. and leave our heroine holding the bag.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Film-Noir For sale 119pp
Sleeping Tiger, Snoring Dragon
A Pennsylvania P.I., specializing in large animal homicides, is asked to make a routine report on a killing of an aggressive tiger. Unfortunately, the comatose feline comes back to life and terrorizes the locals.
Feature Action, Comedy, Film-Noir For sale 110pp
The Big Uneasy
A young, aspiring artist has bad then good encounters with the opposite sex, as he travels cross-country from New Orleans to Colorado and finally New England, where tragedy overcomes the young man.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Film-Noir For sale 118pp
The Rose of the Winds
A young American traveler is awakened by Mexican police on Ash Wednesday to find that he is a suspect in a violent rape that occurred the night before.
Feature Adventure, Comedy For sale 118pp