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Hank Byrd, writer of the sci-fi screenplay “Dinner with Harry”, was born April 16, 1972 in Augusta, Georgia. “Dinner with Harry” won the Bare Bones International Film Festival Best Live Screenplay Reading honor in 2010. Heartened by the award’s confirmation of his creative original work, Byrd was propelled to create a trilogy of short films called “The Black Bag Chronicles”. Springing from this 3-genre trilogy seamed together by one mysterious black gym bag is “The Take”, a crime drama that was the film festival’s 2011 official selection, and the Audience Choice winner for best mini feature.

Byrd, a father of 5, who served in the U.S. Army during the Gulf War grew up as a self-described army brat. His exposure to military life, travel, various cultures and film styles advantageously equipped his writing with a global perspective and the hardiness to start Cinemental Filmworks in 2009 on his own. Currently, he is producing and directing several short film projects, developing a web series and scripting television and feature-length film projects including: BLACKDOM, about the first all-black township in New Mexico; and a psychological thriller, PEEPHOLE.

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