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Holly Hunt
North Little Rock, United States

Reader, writer on Old River Lake, Arkansas. My work has been in The Southern Review, Poetry, Ploughshares. I have reported for newspapers when I feel like it. I live on an oxbow lake of the meanest, crazy-muddy river on earth, the Arkansas. We eat prehistoric Alligator Gars for breakfast. I clean and filet them with skinny, flexible knives. My short-stories and movie scripts are like that, too. Scary-looking, ha-ha lovely and strange. 

Scripts By Holly

Shella Hated Raisins
A Hopi kachina gives Rudie power to make her mean sister eat worms, and later, he helps her to trick an organ-harvester and then to scalp him Apache-style.
Short Comedy, Drama, Film-Noir For sale 32pp
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