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Holly Jurbergs
Austin, United States

Who am I? I’m the tall person standing next to you. Randy Newman wrote a great song about it called “Short People.” You can find it on his album “Little Criminals.” Seriously, people come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s a beautiful thing. 

My love for science and music always informs and influences my writing. After completing a Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Texas at Austin in 1996, I worked as an Analytical Chemist in pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical companies. I've played piano since I was eight-years-old and more recently I have taken up guitar. I love to sing, but you may or may not want to listen. I believe music is the one of most powerful forces for uniting people in peace. 

As a writer, I’m drawn to the dark side of human nature. What makes criminals tick? What is driving their obsession or anger? On the screen, crime stories deliver big emotional payoffs when the monster is captured or slain. In real life, justice is often delayed or never realized. I’m interested in strong female characters, family secrets, moral dilemmas, and forensic science. I’m also excited about creating challenging and compelling roles for women in film. If you are a director or producer looking at my profile, I want you to take my crude painting and turn it into your masterpiece. My script is only the beginning. I’m here to help you achieve your vision on the screen. 

I love using true crime stories as a jumping off point for my writing, because truth is always stranger than fiction. 

My other writing passion is blogging. For better or worse, I always have something to say. I enjoy writing about science, music, spirituality and the writer's journey. You can visit my web page at hollyjurbergs.com. 


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Scripts By Holly

A rookie crime scene investigator must connect a violent road rage case with two unsolved murders before a psychopath with an experimental drug kills again.
Feature Crime, Thriller For sale 125pp
3 readers love this script
Three Graves
A reporter investigates a cold case from her hometown and puts her brother's life in jeopardy when she uncovers evidence of his childhood abuse and her powerful father's involvement in the crimes.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 103pp
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