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Holly Jurbergs

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Holly Jurbergs
Austin, United States

As a writer, I am interested in strong female characters, family secrets, moral dilemmas and forensic science. I am in the process of converting my first unpublished novel, "Cadaverine" to a screenplay. The story centers on a rookie DNA analyst who investigates a violent road rage that puts her on the trail of a psychotic serial killer who is using an experimental drug to prey on young women. 

I have another book in progress, "The Hiding Place," about a homicide reporter who investigates decades-old murder cases of three teenage girls from her hometown where she unearths a disturbing family secret involving her powerful father and estranged brother.  


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Scripts By Holly

A rookie crime scene investigator must connect a violent road rage case with two unsolved murders before a psychopath with an experimental drug kills again.
Feature Crime, Thriller For sale 125pp
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