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Holly Kubaskie

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Holly Kubaskie
Rockford, United States

Writing is a passion. I wrote my first story when I was in middle school. I started writing dystopia in high school and it morphed into a science fiction/fantasy setting that I have been adding to for more than twenty years. While my primary goal has been novels, I started writing scripts in the last few years. I have published short stories and poetry in fan publications. I have numerous fan fiction novellas posted online with a small following. I am most known for writing resources and running large word count writing challenges on a writer's site. It motivated me to publish books of writing prompts.


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Scripts By Holly

An unexpected heir inherits most of a small town's economy and decades of dark secrets.
TV Pilot Fantasy, Horror For sale 50pp
4 readers love this script
A woman with a connection to the supernatural is caught in a conflict spanning millennia between hunters and the beings they hunt.
TV Pilot Drama, Fantasy For sale 53pp
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