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Ian Bensley

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Ian Bensley
Dallas, United States

My name is, Ian Bensley, and over the past three years I've written over 60+ screenplays/teleplays and I've also written video game scripts (interactions and dialogue), plays, musicals, novels, and songs. I'm (as of right now) not a WGA E/W member.


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Scripts By Ian

A Drinker And A Fiend
Then Everyone Loses Their Minds!
Short Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery Available for Free 8pp
Halloween Chapter I
The Night He Came Back
Short Horror Available for Free 6pp
The Abductor
A Surprise To Be Sure...
Short Crime, Horror, Thriller Available for Free 16pp
The Death Of The Wolf
The End Of The 1,000 Year Reich
Short Action, Drama, History Available for Free 7pp