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Ian Martin
London, United Kingdom

I fell in love with cinema after witnessing the magic of E.T on the big screen as a young boy. This is a passion that has stayed with me into adulthood. I took up writing as a means to create my own worlds and characters that hopefully other cinema lovers will enjoy. I have a genuine love for dark human traits and often create characters that have experienced deeply traumatic events before throwing them back into a world of hurt.

​My first taste of the movie business came in 1998 when I was lucky enough to work on the reboot of The Mummy. It was here that I got to meet a lot of actors and industry people. It was over ten years later that I first put pen to paper and began to write down my own stories. In 2013 I attended The London Screenwriter's Festival for the first time and was lucky to meet screenwriting legend Joe Eszterhas. He gave me the best advice ever; "Don't be a lazy fuck. I've tried my best to stick to this over the following years and I have now built up a portfolio of feature scripts and pilots and have been lucky enough to fly to LA twice for meetings to pitch my ideas as part of The Hollywood Field Trip.

UPDATE JULY 21: Currently rewriting all of my scripts so if you download anything of mine, please don't take it as a final draft. 

Please reach out for any further info. 

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Scripts By Ian

Dead Rabbits
After losing her home, a nurse moves her family into a rundown old holiday cabin and must uncover the truth about her daughter’s new friend before a malevolent presence destroys them.
Feature Horror For sale 98pp
4 readers love this script
Green Light
After exploiting the Knock & Announce law for financial gain, a disillusioned LAPD officer risks her life and career to save her partner when he’s kidnapped by a vengeful Mexican cartel.
Feature Thriller For sale 110pp
2 readers love this script