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Iannis Aliferis

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Iannis Aliferis
Athens, Greece

Iannis is an award winning writer and filmmaker. His dramedy screenplay Mary and Dionysus was a Quarterfinalist at the Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Contest, 2019, and a Semi Finalist at the Shore Scripts Feature Screenplay Competition, 2018, while his horror film Flesh won a Bronze Award at the Spotlight Horror Film Awards, 2017. Prior to that, his short film Headz won a Gold Lion Award at the 2016 London Film Awards. When he’s not writing screenplays or making films, he pens short stories and comic books. He also loves to eat and sleep. He’s a sucker for whiskey, dark chocolate and honey. Finally, he is a firm believer that mankind was at its best during the thousands of years we were hunter gatherers but knows that, unfortunately, he wouldn't last two days alone in the wilderness.

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Scripts By Iannis

Mary and Dionysus
A depressed woman goes to her holiday house to kill herself but finds a loud, eccentric artist hiding there and with no intention of going away. A relationship of extremes ensues.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 96pp
Scar Tissue
A facially scarred woman roams the streets at night fighting crime but gets targeted by a fascist group of criminals who vow to destroy her, starting with her interracial romantic relationship.
Feature Action, Drama For sale 95pp
Samantha Rutledge P.I, A KIller Case
A bored and jaded female private-eye, takes on another seemingly open and shut infidelity case, only to put herself in grave danger when it turns out that the cheating spouse is in fact an assassin.
Feature Film-Noir, Thriller For sale 94pp
A career soldier returns to his loving and empathic fiancée after partaking in a special training program but she starts feeling something bad has happened to him and fears he's slowly changing into a zombie.
Feature Horror For sale 87pp
Act of Loyalty
A gangster falls in love with a woman he meets on the job, but when it’s revealed that she’s an undercover cop, his boss orders him to kill her.
Feature Action, Crime, Romance, Thriller For sale 106pp
Lady Crimson
A psychopathic aristocrat hires an infamous assassin to kill his wife, after failing to do so himself, but the killer falls for her considerable charms and plans to protect her from her husband.
Feature Action, Film-Noir, Romance, Thriller For sale 87pp