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Ife Y
London, United Kingdom

Thank you for your interest in my bio.

I'm a career changer and have spent many years in a variety of roles working with young people, and in the arts as a Performance Poet. I have a natural inclination to write from a diverse perspective, incorporating those quieter voices yet to be heard. I embarked on this tumultuous career change which has been insightful, exciting and frustrating!. Although challenging for all new to the industry, what a great sense of  achievement when that 1st script is optioned. I look forward to offering constructive feedback and being inspired by other fearless creatives. Thus far, I have generated interest in a couple of my scripts, and currently busy honing my re-drafting skills, in addition to working on other projects to build my portfolio. 

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Scripts By Ife

Traumatised by her past the voices have the last word.
Short Drama For sale 2pp
2 readers love this script
Shades of love
A 'white' couples relationship implodes when they become parents to twin daughters, one black, one white exposing a life of deceit.
Feature Drama For sale 103pp
1 reader loves this script
A non-verbal woman finally makes her voice heard.
Short Drama For sale 16pp
1 reader loves this script