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Ife Y
London, United Kingdom

Thank you for your interest in my bio.

I'm a career changer and have spent many years in a variety of roles working with young people, and in the arts as a Performance Poet. I have a natural inclination to write from a diverse perspective, incorporating those quieter voices yet to be heard. Themes of identity, disability, alienation often feature in my writing. I embarked on this tumultuous career change which has been insightful, exciting and frustrating!. Although challenging for all new to the industry, what a great sense of  achievement when that 1st script is optioned. I look forward to offering constructive feedback and being inspired by other fearless creatives. Thus far, I have generated interest in a couple of my scripts, and currently busy honing my re-drafting skills, in addition to working on other projects to build my portfolio. 

Scripts By Ife

Traumatised by her past the voices have the last word.
Short Drama Example of work only 2pp
3 readers love this script
Shades of love
A 'white' couples relationship implodes when they become parents to twin daughters, one black, one white exposing a life of deceit.
Feature Drama Example of work only 103pp
1 reader loves this script
A non-verbal woman finally makes her voice heard.
Short Drama Example of work only 16pp
1 reader loves this script
Tajiki Flower
Armed with bravery, her heroes motto and a hand grenade, Tajiki Flower is the true story of one woman's fight for justice - supported by BBC World Journalists & Amnesty International in the 90s.
Episode Drama Example of work only 46pp