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Ilir Garxenaj
Montréal, Canada

Writer, Author, Screen play, Comedy show, Novel. 


Every one of us goes through a story every day, but there are only two types of people:

(1) Those who leave the daily stories that happened to them in the past to be forgotten.

(2) Those who collect these daily stories and write them on paper.

Scripts By Ilir

Rising family
SERIAL COMEDY SHOW. A European immigrant family is moving to North America for a better life and to achieve their goals, the characters employ clever methods but comedic situations inadvertently take place.
Episode Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Romance For sale 55pp
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SERIAL EPISODE. A student falls in love but the end is not that quick, right after the communist system influenced hard laws while his life image appears to him often as a portrait of hope.
Episode Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 43pp
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This is composed of short comedy scenes taking place at the different location, situations, ideas and topics.
Episode Comedy For sale 5pp
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