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Inky Egwuenu
Toronto, Canada

Inky Egwuenu is a screenwriter and author. Her work usually has elements of cultures that have influenced her life. Inky specializes in feature and TV blended dramas with female and BIPOC leads. Inky is also a businesswoman, “techie & trekkie”. She has been involved with the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) for over a decade and currently lives in Canada.

Scripts By Inky

A talk show host who usually settles scores on his show, meets his match when he goes against a seemingly ordinary woman.
Feature Adventure, Drama For sale 75pp
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Assassination Cartel
When the grandson of the much feared leader of the Assassination Cartel is killed during a raid authorized by the American President, he invokes an ancient practice that targets anyone related to POTUS for termination.
Short Crime, Drama For sale 23pp
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Animal Attraction Series Pilot - Lift
A mother and daughter on their way to a wedding have different five senses experience - one passion, the other comical disaster.
Web Series Pilot Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 11pp
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A reluctant heir to a dark brotherhood discovers a monumental lie, which sets off a series of events that significantly alters his family's way of life.
TV Pilot Adventure, Crime, Drama For sale 46pp