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Ivor Lloyd
Leeds, United Kingdom

Ivor is one half of a father and son screenwriting team, specialising in comedy and drama for film and television. A published author in non-fiction, his northern roots are reflected in his unique, inimitable style.

Update: Perfect Bodies, Street Cleaners and Crooked are all 'Under Option'.


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Scripts By Ivor

When a young girl is kidnapped, the police turn to a teenage psychic and her spirit guide for help.
Episode Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller For sale 48pp
Street Cleaners
A mockumentary series about a family-owned street cleaning business based in Northern England.
TV Pilot Comedy Under Option 30pp
1 reader loves this script
Perfect Bodies
With his business on the ropes, gym-owner Steve turns to his motley group of staff for help. And when a mediation session turns sour, Steve discovers his wife has filed for divorce.
TV Pilot Comedy Under Option 30pp
1 reader loves this script
When a young woman is assaulted, she uses a dating app to track down her attackers and exact her revenge.
Episode Drama Under Option 30pp