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J. Anthony Vassell

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J. Anthony Vassell
London, United Kingdom

Author of 'The Curious Mr Gahdzooks and his Cautionary Tales for Naughty Children'. 

Creative Director & Multi genre script writer with Dare Arts Society, my purpose is to create stunning visions and mind blowing ideas for the future generation to digest and enjoy.

I have written pilots for television, short films, feature lengths and recently started work on stageplays.

Growing up in London and also having such a strong Jamaican heritage behind me, I've stayed level headed & grounded whilst baring witness to some crazy goings on in my life. 

Being able to then draw inspiration from these wild and interesting experiences coupled with my vivid imagination, I hope the stories I tell will bring about wonder and enjoyment for countless audiences in the future. 

I enjoy Blaxploitation films, Thrillers that play on the mind and Sci-Fi most notably productions that confuse the mind, the more layers the better, I am like the rabbit hole Alice fell into, you never know whats inside and what will come from me.

Also having a childrens book currently on the market with several more children books to follow in the Gahdzooks series and seperate too.


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