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J Thomas Stroud has been writing since 1994. his first title, " The Promise", was an experiment in the meshing of Science Fiction and Theology, as it related to humanity's place in our existence. His specialty of knowledgebase includes Theology, Zoological and Astronomical sciences, and the paranormal. These interests have led to writing genres of Science Fiction, Religious Horror, Horror, and Fantasy. Interjecting his own working theories, he enjoys engaging his audiences as he writes, often inviting them to help create and share in the authoring processes. He posses over four decades of Martial Arts experience, and cultures which help in formulating many of his works.  His real-world connections and experiences also aid greatly in meshing in seemingly unrelated subject matter together to provide at least some explanation of the world's unexplained phenomena.

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Scripts By J. Thomas

Adriana's Heart
The Housing Community of Fuller Park, in Chicago Illinois, is the murder capital of the region. Overnight, this community vanished without a trace, leaving only one former resident, eight-year-old Adriana Flores.
Feature Horror For sale 274pp
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Granny Snow
A middle-aged Divorcee' is jolted out of her calm Connecticut life, when she teams up with her ex-husband and a witch to confront a demon in the woods of South Carolina.
TV Pilot Horror For sale 171pp
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The Kavon Parallax
An extraterrestrial, living in Charlotte, North Carolina, reveals his fifty-year presence on earth to the United Nations. His reason for coming forward? Why to destroy mankind of course.
Episode Sci-Fi For sale 97pp
The Child Christ
In the year 1 B.C., an aged bedouin with no memory, scant supplies, and a donkey makes his way into the nearest Assyrian city and finds he's in a situation of biblical proportions.
Feature History For sale 137pp
The Desert King
The Daughter of a poor Syrian farmer welcomes a stranger befriended by his daughter into their home. The family's life begins to prosper until war forces the stranger to reveal his true identity.
Episode Fantasy, Horror, Thriller For sale 93pp