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Jack Schaberg
Williamstown, United States

Hi there. After writing a couple dozen spec scripts since my college years, in the early 2000s I decided that if I ever wanted to see one turned into a feature film, I would likely need to make it myself. So I did. Then I did it again, then again. Three features in about 8-9 years. Are they the greatest movies ever? No. Did I learn a lot about filmmaking and screenwriting? Yes. Would I do it again? Probably. 

I always work on keeping 2-3 scripts going at the same time, be they screenplays or TV pilots. I've found the Film Courage YouTube channel very helpful. I enjoy reading others' script and providing honest, constructive criticism. I look forward to connecting with fellow screenwriters from all over the world.

Scripts By Jack

Durango Trail
Two men meet on the trail to Durango, circa 1880s.
Short Western For sale 4pp
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A man's obsession with making sure he and the love of his life can always be together leads him to develop a technology she must convince him is the only thing keeping them apart.
Feature Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 114pp
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The Catfather
When she disregards her brother's advice and ventures into the great outdoors, an indoor cat must summon the courage and cunning to defeat The Catfather, a feline who rules the neighborhood with an iron paw.
Feature Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family For sale 97pp
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