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Jacob Webb

Hi, people call me Webb. 

I was introduced to screenwriting a long time ago when I was  figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I wanted to be in filmmaking I just didn’t know what. I read a bunch of screenplays and started creating stories, now I’ll admit that I was not good at all. I thought it’d be easy to write a script and make it coherent. But I was wrong, so I continued writing but after I was finished I just hated the entire thing. At one point I gave up for a while and took up stand up comedy. I’d write my own jokes and do them for people, and people loved it. I love to make people feel good.

I read an entire book on screenwriting by Jill Chamberlain and she really opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong. I then started reading more scripts again whether it was TV pilots or movie scripts I didn’t care. I even read short stories. I started watching even more movies and television, paying attention to every little thing. But I still wasn’t confident in my ability, so I wrote a bunch of short humorous stories. I was very confident in them and read them to people, but I pretended I didn’t write them so I could gauge their honest reaction. It was good. So I finally decided to come up with a story and write it. I was so proud and confident I haven’t stopped yet, only to write stand up and perform of course.  

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A Modern Romance
Two people's lives are further complicated when they meet one another.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 31pp
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