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Updated 12/4/20

Holy Hell in a flaming hand basket! I cannot get a break. 

Time to play catch you guys up after almost 2 months. Covid has gotten worse (especially in my state, still not on lockdown again), the Xmas shopping rush at my job (still at the Flea Market) has been kicking off since late October, my sister almost got Covid, my mom almost got Covid, my grandma (the woman who raised me for most my childhood) is the hospital with Covid (she's fine, she's staying strong and the doctor say she's had good medical history and they are confident in her recovery). I've read some books about screenwriting and I feel confident to start really reading and dissecting scripts written by pros (both off script websites and this site) and learn their/your tricks. I've also been brainstorming a lot of ideas (both good and bad) for possible scripts and I feel confident in what I can get done in 2021. Basically, I'm just trying to make it to the end of this horrible, shitty year and hope to some Deity (anyone...anyone at all?) above that 2021 is not half as bad (or twice as worse) as this one has been. 

I'm sorry I haven't delivered on my promise to create something. I kick myself almost everyday when I can't learn something new or think of something creative and fun. Like I said, I've got ideas and I'm hoping I can get on-track for next year. For the next few weeks on doing is going to my job and when I get home or I'm on break I read as many scripts as I can (I'm aiming for 1 a day), just jot down ideas, and set myself up to kick butt in the New Year. Thank you to all the new people and sorry for the wait to the old people. 

See y'all in 2021. 


Updated 6/17/21

When it rains it pours. 

Just when things started to look up, they came crashing back down. Almost seven months since I have updated this bio. It's been about 3 months since I've been on this site. All I know is that I feel as I felt then, and possibly even worse. 

I'll keep this short and with as little detail as possible. 

Work got better for a short time (as in 2 weeks) then we had some internal issues. Someone ended up getting fired and we were back to Square 1. And just like the people in the Dust Bowl in late 1920's as the Stock Market crashed, we didn't see much of a difference when everyone else was 'short-staffed'. The Flea Market has been short-staffed since May 2020. I didn't see much of a problem. Well, at least until...

I screwed my hand up in the beginning of this May, the 5th to be exact. It was later diagnosed as 'trigger finger'. I ended up taking 2 weeks worth of NSAIDs, wearing 3 different kinds of finger/hand splints, and having to get a cortisone injection in my palm. I'm not sure if any of it's worked considering I've been afraid to bend bend that finger. Wasn't until I went to my chiropractor a few days ago that things began to look up. Turns out that I might have jammed my finger. I didn't even know that was the case. I just assumed I had done too much work (people tend to buy a lot in Flea markets with tax returns and stimulus checks, March and April were our best months in the last year). I'm heading back in a couple of days so I'll have to see what happens. 

As for writing, it was nail biting to not be able to sit down and do it. I couldn't think and using my bad hand was out of the question. I managed to do a little on my phone, but nothing compared to what I would do before. Within the last couple of weeks I've been slowly easing back into typing on my laptop again. I've also been going heavy into watching screenwriter interviews and reading articles written by them too. I've also been mapping out a routine for writing as well, so I'll have to see how that pans out. 

I know I say it every update, but hopefully I can start posting some material. Even if it's first drafts that I need peer-reviewed, I'll take it. 

See y'all next update. 

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