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I'm not gonna lie, I completely forgot I even made an account on here.

I'm 21 now (where the Hell did the time go?) and I haven't written a damn thing since then. I've had plenty of ideas, but no time to sit down, flesh them out, or even something like figuring the concept of storycrafting is still a cosmic idea to me; unobtainable almost. Even though I'm back to working (which has been terrible enough), I am hopping on the bandwagon of these "Quarantine 'Glow-ups'" and learn about story-crafting, character development, developing my own style, and getting back into the habit of writing daily, be it for a movie or not. I don't feel like I want to do all this, I NEED to do it.

Without getting too personal, I live in the Midwest US and work in a second-rate, indoor, past-its-time Flea Market. Since re-opening our doors on May 3rd, we've been running a bare-bones skeleton crew (5 people, including me, and no security) with ever increasing numbers of customers pouring in. Aside from the Manager herself, I've been there the longest out of everyone. Which means, to my credit, I'm the most trusted and have the most respected opinion in that place (which I wish I didn't). The flipside, however, is that I'm also the one, aside from the Assistant Manager as well, that is expected to come in more than anyone, even on my supposed "days-off" sometimes. I work the back sorting room (we sort out vendor's misplace things and take them back), the cash registers (I'm doing this most of the time now), spot-sweep the floors and spot-mop them when needed, and on occasion do administrative work at the front desk; I'm quite a busy boy. So, obviously, I need a form of release. I've been meditating and it's helped with the stress. I've been practicing mindfullness, I'm improving at it and myself. Now, I need a creative outlet. So...hence, I'm back and I'm ready to see what I can often, either as a contender or as a sacrifice. If I'm lucky, I could punch something up in the next few months or so. 

Thank you for attending my TEDTalk. 


Updated: 10/9/20

See what you just read above you? That was almost 4 months ago (or at least I think it was). Since then, I've had about 8 really good ideas that I've been fleshing out, I finished a story for a script and I started writing it, and I've really hunkered down and read/learn a good amount. However about a month ago all of that has come to a screeching, brake-killing stop. I still work at the same run-down Flea market and our numbers haven't gotten any better. Even with rising COVID numbers people are still streaming in, and with X-mas coming it's only gonna get worse. On top of that we still have the same 5 people. We tried hiring 2 more, but one of them never showed up and the other quit after 2 days. Not to mention one of our people almost quit a week and a half ago over her temper with another person working there. To put it in a logline: "Young man continually fights against all odds to keep his sanity and his job from eating him alive, all while his life and the world fall around him." A bit dramatic? Yes. But hey, this is the Arts, isn't it? 

The only upside to my writing has been this account gaining more people. Why? I couldn't tell you. Maybe all the Rockstars and CJ are just being nice or maybe they and the rest of ya'll can see something in these Bio Rants (that sounds like some kind of political-scifi-comedy) that I'm not seeing in my own writing. Ah well, anyway, I thank everyone for subbing and I swear I'll have something uploaded soon. I have two ideas I REALLY want to do: a short POV horror and a satirical zombie feature based on an old anime I watched when I was 14 and Coronavirus news/recent history (the zombie one I don't plan on letting get produced, just a fun thing I thought of). 

Thank you all again and don't forget to tip your waitress.  

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