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Jacqueline Letkowski (nee Pennetta)
Hackensack, United States

The Funny Stuff: 

At the age of three, my parents sent me to a child psychologist; "Why?" you may ask... because my first words were lines mimicked from Looney Tunes (and for a LONG time, those were literally the only words I would use). They anxiously awaited my prognosis only for the doctor to report that, "She just really really likes T.V.." Since then, film & television have always been my number one passion. My interest in the arts expanded over the years and branched out towards the fine arts, singing, acting (I've actually been told I bear a striking resemblance to Ralph Macchio- except his mustache is a little bigger than mine LOL.)  and of course... comedy.

The Boring Stuff: 

Born and raised in Northern New Jersey (outside of NYC) I eventually made my way to Savannah, GA where I attended film school. After college I travelled to a few different states, while working in the media production industry. (I resided & worked in Atlanta, Los Angeles and New Jersey.) Currently, I'm back living in the NJ/NYC area with my husband & two daughters, along with our dog Spike. (We recently had to put our other dog Gizmo down- RIP Gizmo.)

Screenwriting Experience: 

Professional Experience:


- 2016 Writer/Producer, JOSUBU Productions: Produced/wrote promos for CBS late night shows, and medical videos/documentaries for a large-scale medical public relations firm in Philadelphia, PA. Here's the company's website: JOSUBU Productions


- 2015 Writer/Production Manager, Jerrick Media (Co-owned by Oscar-nominated Executive Producer, Rick Schwartz): Wrote, produced and managed a team of editors to create content (videos & articles) for five different verticals that existed to direct traffic to it's larger parent companies. Here's the company's website: Jerrick Media Holdings


- 2012-2013 Writer/On-Air Talent, GamerHub.tv (Owned by John Goudiosi, former contributor to TIME Magazine, Playboy, WWE and Forbes): Writer and host for a website appealing to the gaming, comic book, and film community; Focused on live events and original programing (video game reviews). Website: http://gamerhub.tv


- 2011-2013 Writer/On-Air Talent, CollegeCooking.com (Lead by Jay Blanda, freelance animator/graphic designer for Nickelodean and MTV, who also creates commercial work for large corporations.): Writer and actress for humorous cooking shows aimed at the male college-age demographic. Website: http://collegecooking.com


- 2008 Writer/Producer, CM Marketing Group: Writer, producer, shooter & editor for online videos for local businesses (Los Angeles, CA). Their website is no longer available.


Contests/Pitch Sessions:


- 2021 Currently, my TV pilot, "And Still Champion..." is in the quarter & semi-finals for the ISA Genre Busting Comedy Screenplay Competition

- 2018 High Score Card Marks, Happy Writers Pitch Session/Stage32.com (TV Pilot: And Still Champion...)

- 2015 Quarter-Finalist, WeScreenplay, Short Screenplay Competition (Script: Cecilia's Ship)

- 2010 Winner, PitchQ.com, Feature Screenplay Competition (Script: Marla is loved)

- 2009 Semi-Finalist, GimmeCredit Screenplay Short Competition (Script: Cecilia's Ship)




- 2005 B.A. from the Savannah College of Art & Design/SCAD (Majored in Film/Television, Concentrated on Creative Writing)

- 2008 6-Week Intensive Comedy Writing Workshop, the Second City Improv Comedy Writing School (Hollywood, CA)

Present Screenwriting Crash Course, International Screenwriter's Association (ISANetwork.org)

Personal Fulfillment:

I enjoy spending time with my family & friends, watching films/TV, cooking, learning about organic skincare, yoga, writing and acting.

Favorite TV Shows: 

The Twilight Zone (The original series- No offense to Forrest Whitaker), The Golden Girls, Batman: the Animated Series, Married with Children, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, ​ the Simpsons (Seasons 3-10; especially the episodes written by Conan O'Brien), South Park,  Tales of Tomorrow, Night Gallery, Futurama (Seasons 1-5), Star Trek: TOS (Captain Kirk all the way!), MST3K (My husband got me a great Christmas gift: he contribute to the recent Kickstarter campaign for "MST3K: the Return", and my name is in the credits of the episode "Starcrash"!), SNL (the 90's), Stranger Things, TWIN PEAKS, (I recently had a rekindled interest in the Dana Carvey Show thanks to the Hulu doc!), and much more!

Favorite Movies: 

Oh man... this is a whole other website!

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