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Jacqueline Renouard
London, United Kingdom

Hello curious reader, welcome. Here is a bit about me, I'm Jac a female 25-year-old writing fanatic, I've loved writing ever since childhood, beginning with a tale about two flies fighting at the age of six. And writing my own Will apparently haha who knows how that morbid child turned into a happy-go-lucky gal such as me! I studied and gained a first in my Film and Television Production degree, and had the pleasure of doing a lot of script writing and movie making! My favourite genres are EVERYTHING, and specifically combining comedy and drama. I'd love to try out every genre and every genre combination as I am hugely inspired by films that do that. My writing style doesn't quite follow what you SHOULD do, as I have a slight rebellious directors mind when it comes to scripting, and I'd love to hear any and all feedback on my scripts, always looking to get better at this craft :D

I'm half French which means Luc Besson, Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano are some of my favourite movie makers! Although old Tim Burton films, Ghibli animations, Three Billboards in Ebbing Missouri and whoever made Avatar the Last Airbender (you absolute genius) are also high on the list. However, the list could go on for so long I would run out of words and bore you half to death.

If you're interested in any of my scripts don't be afraid to contact me, even if it is to tear it apart (I love me some analysis and feedback!) I look forward to hearing from you and reading your content too!


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Scripts By Jacqueline

Wall Number Four
A girl with no name breaks the fourth wall to try to figure out the meaning of the short film, and her very existence as a character within it.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 3pp
4 readers love this script
The Switch
A phone call causes a mother and daughter to switch roles
Short Drama, Family For sale 3pp
3 readers love this script
A couple in their mid-twenties lay in bed cuddling and planning their date, when she has other things she wants to discuss, things get awkward!
Short Comedy For sale 3pp
2 readers love this script
Extra Ordinary
Peter, the leader of a support group for people who think they have super powers, struggles to help the group as he finds out the funding is about to be cut.
Short Comedy, Drama, Fantasy Produced 13pp
2 readers love this script