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Jai Cullen
London, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Jai.

I am an aspiring screenwriter who has written in a variety of genres (Sci Fi, Comedy, Drama, Horror and action) for both TV and Film.

My influences are diverse and numerous. I pull from the 80's classics of John Carpenter, to the Pulp sensibilities of Quentin Tarantino, and the high concept storytelling of James Cameron and Christoper Nolan.

I'm an avid comic book enthusiast. My favorites being the anti heroic characters seen in Ennis' 'Preacher' series, Brian Azzerello's '100 Bullets' and Frank Miller's 'Sin City' series.

I've written several feature screenplays and I am focusing on writing for television. The latter being a passion of mine due to the opportunity for long form storytelling and character development.

I write in several genres. Sci Fi and Fantasy being a passion of mine since childhood. I also enjoy to write in the fields of Action Adventure and Horror. Often times I find ways to combine them all into a unique whole.

I hope to use Script Revolution to meet like minded filmmakers and learn from the community.

Scripts By Jai

The Northern Dark. Chapter I: Single Bullet Theory
Jack Marlowe is marked for death. Desperate for a way out he makes an alliance with Luck, an enigmatic stranger running from his own demons which threaten to consume them both.
Episode Action, Crime, Film-Noir, Horror For sale 53pp
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