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James is from Upstate New York and now lives in Van Nuys, California.  He's worked on stop motion and live action productions, assisting and consulting up and coming directors, writers, VFX artists, and animators, to create an array of hybrid films that intertwine all worlds.  He enjoys fishing, surfing, playing lacrosse on the weekends, and keeping in touch with the many friends in the area.    No main events.

Scripts By James

The Last of the Ancients
9th century Inuit warriors must protect a sacred frozen lake from a demonic race of dragons, followed by a surprise Viking invasion.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy For sale 96pp
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Poor Debbie Lee
A widow and her two sons move to Los Angeles and discover that she isn't actually a widow.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 98pp
4 readers love this script
Gods and Monster Trucks
A monster truck rallying superstar and his batshit crazy father go on an unforgettable journey to the first ever Monster Jam Championship.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 107pp
2 readers love this script
Fight for the Waterhole
It's 1864 in the American West and a group of people motivated by staying hydrated and awake must defend the last waterhole in a boiling hot desert before hell arrives.
Feature Western For sale 84pp
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The things we put in a dishwasher must fight off an evil spork before it takes over the world.
Short Animation For sale 8pp
1 reader loves this script
On a post-apocalyptic ocean world a merchant marine finds the map to Pangaea and chooses to protect humanity from a common enemy.
Feature Action, Adventure For sale 108pp
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Area 54
A group of astronauts make an emergency landing on a planet inhabited by dancing lollipops who turn on their leader before it's escorted off their world.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
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Oscar and the Demigods
Upon winning the Super Bowl a legendary quarterback sails to Catalina for a celebration but crashes into a mythological Greek island where he must battle the Gods of Football in order to return home.
Feature Adventure, Comedy For sale 107pp
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Long Lake Gardens
A master gardener takes revenge upon a small lake town after his wife is run over by a lawn mower.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 93pp
The Goiter Man
A pleasant man with a giant goiter on his neck tries to acclimate back into society.
Short Comedy For sale 16pp