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James Allen

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James Allen

James enjoys the outdoors, grizzly mint, and working with people that aren't crazy, nonetheless that enjoy surfing and a cool breeze on a Van Nuys night.  

Feel free to contact jallen2319@yahoo.com 

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Scripts By James

Poor Debbie Lee
A widow and her two sons discover that she's not actually a widow.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 94pp
3 readers love this script
Gods and Monster Trucks
A Texas bog rallying superstar and his batshit crazy father go on an unforgettable journey to the first ever Monster Jam Championship.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 105pp
2 readers love this script
9th century Northern Americans try and defend a frozen lake from a dying race of dragons and a surprise Viking invasion.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy For sale 96pp
2 readers love this script
On a post-apocalyptic ocean world a merchant marine finds the map to Pangaea and chooses to protect humanity from a common enemy.
Feature Action, Adventure For sale 118pp
1 reader loves this script
Oscar and the Demigods
A Super Bowl winning quarterback and his team crash into a mythological Greek island where they must battle the Gods of Football in order to return home.
Feature Adventure, Comedy For sale 98pp
1 reader loves this script
Area 54
A space mission focused on gathering extra-terrestrial intelligence comes to an abrupt halt when Area 54 astronauts forget to pack the fuel reserves.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp