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James Brooks
Beaumont, United States



Born: Jesse James Brooks

Pen Name: James Brooks

Author of: Forging A King and Drean: Dragons Rising/ Fantasy fiction

(Here seeking representation, script sale, production compay, and possibly actors/actresses)

For an author, the beginning is always the most difficult thing to write. However, my beginnings were from such an early age that they are among my first memories. Living in a very rural part of Southeast Texas, and born to poor parents, books for learning prior to school were few, and usually not meant as such. My mother shopped for almost everything at yard sales, and had an affinity for classic literature. because of this, I literally learned how to read using the works of such writers as Dickens, Shakespeare, and Hawthorn.

My first fanciful tale, I gave at age 4. Not yet in school, i spent my days roaming a tiny patch of woods behind our ramshackle home. One day, while playing, i decided to scare the neighbor. I ran from the woods and onto the porch which she swept twice a day. Muddy, and out of breath, I proceeded to relay a tale of being chased by Big Foot. Having only heard the name, and never seen depiction of the creature, I felt certain the tale would get at good laugh, and maybe a small shudder. However, it had a much more pronounced effect than anticipated. The woman sent me home and ran inside, locking the door behind her. That evening her husband returned from work to find the entire house packed into boxes in the yard, and her waiting outside. The woman, being inconsolable, demanded they move immediately.

As i grew, I wrote many short stories, and told countless tales. Always with a tendency for the wild and farest fetched. My first attempt at writing a novel came smack in the middle of hurricane Rita. With no knowledge of the craft, outside of English class, and no idea how wrong self-editing is, the work is not my finest hour. However, in my ignorance, I allowed it to be published none the less. The publisher, to say the least, did no better in the publication than I did in its construction. This combination almost ended my desire to write. The need remained, and won out in the end, leading to the first draft of new novel. This too started with no real knowledge of the craft, and no help in site.

After over eight hundred pages and enough submission rejections to fill the New York phone book, I felt near the end of my rope. Then, at a local library, while deciding if I would continue or not, and questioning my ability to even tell a story, I met my first real editor. Three years, nine rewrites, and the loss of over four hundred pages from the text later, I had a publishable manuscript. Over those years I learned many things about the craft, and even assisted in teaching a class on "Writing to sell", at a local university.

Now, with one published craft worthy novel, and two finished scripts, as well as 6 years professional editing experience, I feel I'm upholding the craft, and doing what I was born to do. I've just opened my own publishing company, and am in the process of producing the first lineup of fiction novels by budding authors.

In short, this is my life. Always has been, and always will be.

Scripts By James

The Adventures of Hurley and Sal
Battered, used, but never broken, two mercenary thieves and a crew of the oddest companions stumble about Drean in search of their past, one step ahead of fate and a hangman's noose.
TV Pilot Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller For sale 37pp
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Hurley and Sal Pitch Bible
Let’s face it, people are freaks. The characters in this series are freaks “out loud”.
TV Pilot Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy Example of work only 3pp
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