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James Brosnahan

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James Brosnahan
Gahanna, United States

Jim Brosnahan, originally from Pittsburgh via Chicago, is a graduate of the University of Dayton, a member of the Dramatists Guild of America and a published playwright.  His plays have been produced across the US and England.  His screenplays have earned nominations and awards at several film festivals.  He teaches writing for change leaders in the business world.  Jim lives in Ohio with his wife and a son with Down syndrome who keeps alive a sense of wonder in the family.

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Scripts By James

Kansas Kid
A strapping orphan makes a name for himself as a gunman and bounty hunter, while pursuing vengeance against those who killed his parents.
Feature Action, Drama, History, Romance, Western For sale 109pp
2 readers love this script
Look Alive
Terror reigns supreme at game night when you discover that you're the one being played.
Short Comedy, Horror, Thriller Available for Free 10pp
5 readers love this script
Kansas City Jo
Joan Dice, a vengeful gunslinger, must track down the ruthless Preacher and Half-Breed who murdered her friend and parents before they can kill again.
Short Action, Drama, Western Available for Free 14pp
3 readers love this script
Red Nose, Floppy Shoes
OCD professor tests positive for Clown Syndrome and must practice social distancing from clowns and comedians as he battles a series of comedic remedies to find a cure before he dies laughing.
Feature Comedy Available for Free 83pp
3 readers love this script
First Drop of Rain
A discontented seamstress executes her secret plan, at great risk of humiliation and rejection, to publish her novel and become the first women novelist.
Feature Drama Available for Free 81pp
1 reader loves this script