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James Hoskison

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James Hoskison
Bakersfield, United States

I wrote my first book when I was fifteen years old, my aunt could not put the book down and spent all weekend reading it. She liked the book so much that my uncle offered me his brand new Corvette for the book and all rights to it. I have had several booiks published, including one with a  5-STAR REVIEW. I love to write, and the fact that I have A.D.H.D makes my books fast paced and never boring.

Roger Lua at Paramount Pictures liked one of my books so much that he and his crew spent a week and a half trying to decide between my book and one other script to make a movie out of. Even though they went with the other script, the fact remains that for them to give it that much time and consideration you know it must be good.

Bearing this in mind, I sat out to transform that book in to a movie script, "HELL'S GATES WIDE OPEN" which I just finished recently, and listed here, and I am now seeking a producer or someone to option it.  As I converted  the book in to a script, I made it even better than it was when Paramount Pictures considered it, adding awesome scenes.


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Scripts By James

Hell's Gates Wide Open
Prepare yourself for one of mankind’s ultimate nightmares. A tale of horrific things that have been predicted to befall mankind one day soon! Things so horrific that no man can imagine them.
Feature Action, Drama, Family, Horror, Thriller For sale 119pp
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