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James Kosierowski

Youngest of eight; born and raised up in Chicago.

Screenwriting Education:  generous people, good books, School of Hard Knocks.

Husband.  Veteran.  Grandfather.  Gardener.  Corny Joke Teller.  

Walked about at North Pole; own antique rocking chair.

Movie that steered me into movies:  Where Eagles Dare.  

Thank You.   

Scripts By James

Justice Riders: Born For It
On administrative leave, a super-powered attorney meets Others. She leads their effort to stop a mad, 172-year-old Confederate, and his posse, from rearranging the American Landscape.
Feature Action, Adventure, Animation For sale 120pp
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Jakob's Monsters
A teenager alienates himself from his medieval village by not repairing the wall that protects it from creatures, but then tries to fix things, before hell comes a-creeping.
Feature Action, Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 108pp