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James Ziolkowski

Movies have always been a big part of my life. My junior high school years were a blur of root beer, junior mints, and 2nd run movies at the Des Plaines theatre. 50-cent Tuesdays were a dream come true for a kid growing up without cable TV .

I would eventually go on to manage a movie theatre for 4 years that was one of the last in the Chicagoland area to play 35mm prints. I spent the majority of my time there building prints, trailer packs, and threading the old-school projectors. I had already written numerous screenplays and won awards in various genres by the time I started working at the theatre. But it kind of became my unofficial film school as I lived, breathed, and slept movies while analyzing everything I viewed. 

Recently, I produced an independent feature I wrote that is currently in the final stages of post-production. While I enjoy nearly every aspect of the film industry, screenwriting is still my number one passion.


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Scripts By James

House of Bad Dreams
A man suffering from recurring nightmares leads police to a serial killer who hunts unfaithful women. Who's the hero? It depends on who you ask.
Feature Crime, Horror, Thriller For sale 90pp