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Jameson Den Hartog
Chicago, United States

I am, for lack of a better term, still a kid. Which means I still believe in the impossible. I still covet the things most adults have given up on. I still want to change the world with one perfect story. And I still want to play Cops and Robbers until the sun goes down. I can't, unfortunately -  so I write. I am a filmmaker and a writer and I always have been. Writing has always been my passion- I guess you could say I'm the "ideas guy". I've never been absolutely spot on in putting them into action- but boy do they flow out like crazy- nearly driving me insane, and I'm sure some of you can agree. I'm 29 years old, Born, raised, and live in Chicago, I have a film degree, and a whole lot of passion. I currently have about 7 scripts that I am working on. Peace and Love.   - Jameson