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Jamie Lutan
London, Canada

An unprofessional, untrained writer that is just trying to tell stories. So let me outline the story of how I ended up writing this bio eight hours before I'm supposed to be heading off to university.

Act 1: At a young age, I wasn't the best socially, nor was I the most outspoken. As I grew into a teenager, and then an adult, I rejected the thought of being as lonely as I felt during those early adolescent years ever again. I discovered that the best way to connect to people was to tell stories. After all, that's what a majority of the most interesting conversations are; retellings of events, whether personal, news breaking, or hypothetical. Once I discovered that there are people in the world that write for film and television, it became the only path I wanted to take.

Act 2: I first began plotting for success in screenwriting during high school. I focused on english courses, and cut out maths and sciences for intel on history, culture, and psychology. I wrote two one act plays for my province's drama festival, one of which made the regionals round. More  importantly, I began learning how to write what I wanted. On one hand, I wished to create epic stories of adventure, fantasy, and action filled visually stunning spectacles, but on the other hand, I loved exploring emotion, relationships, and the horrific and comedic ironic implications behind society. At one point, it just clicked; the best movies combine the two, and the beauty of film is that it doesn't force writers to sacrifice one or the other. I used to never be able to put my finger on why I wanted to write screenplays rather than any other type of literature; now I can.

Act 3: My parents tell me the best movies are suspenseful throughout the movie. Personally, my favourite films are suspenseful until even after the movie's end. The horror that lingers, the comedy that makes you laugh upon thought, the sadness and empathy that won't ever fade. The best compliment I can give a movie is that it's immersive; the duty of the screenwriter is to give directors and producers that founding material. With all of this in mind, I ventured into writing my first feature-length film. Now back to the going to school part. I wish to eventually make screenwriting my full-time career, but for now, I'm going to invest four years and a ton of money into a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and Media, Information & Technocultures at the University Of Western Ontario. With that being said, I am not wasting time in getting into shooting every shot I can, through networking, getting reviews, and attempting to achieve exposure.

Just a little spew about me. Please DM, I'm very interested in meeting others in this community.

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A group of friends take a new drug before finding themselves quarantined by police due to the dangers of said drug, which is classified as contagious and lethal.
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