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Janet Lynn Carey
Russellville, United States

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       Janet Lynn Carey (Shaw) was born in NewFoundland, Canada. Her father was in the US Air Force. She has worked in Movies, Television, Commercials and a Music video. She has worked behind the scenes as a Assistant Director with Lee Gartrell on Star Trek: The Romulan Wars and as a Directors Assistant on Getaway.  She has worked as a Production Assistant on many productions and worked as a stand in for Camryn Manheim, Chris McGinn, Illeana Douglas and many others. She also played Dr. Jewel Cohen on Star Trek: The Romulan Wars web series.                                                     

       Janet attended many of Dr. Rick Landry's workshops. She loves working on set, but her true passion is writing. She is a screenwriter and is also working on a novel. All of her screenplays are registered with the WGA. She has written a few shorts, a Feature Film and a television Pilot. She hopes to work with you soon. 







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