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Jasmine Fenner

Hello! Up and coming talent in the entertainment industry. I am an actor and screenwriter, with aspirations to share my work with the world and touch people on an emotional level with my art and talent. I am a college graduate of a four-year university, and I have also completed a year of graduate school. I have many years of experience in the workforce, but after a series of life-changing events, I decided that the mundane world was not for me. I have reconnected with my creative capabilities, and now I am currently pursuing my dream of being a full-time artist. I will continue to work hard until my aspirations are realized. Curious and adventurous by nature. Relaxed, easy going personality. Conversationalist. Artistically inclined. Hard-working. I have a personal blog at nappycocoon.blogspot.com where I post my thoughts on personal experiences, current events, and social issues. Let's connect!



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"Not PC. Neurotic and brimming with contradictions. Zuri Walters is the quintessential comedic Millennial anti-hero."
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama Seeking finance 32pp