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Jay Han-San
Tallinn, Estonia

About me:
I create short and feature-length screenplays, animation scripts, including Web and TV content.

Born in the Great Steppe of Asia, the land of Genghis Khan, I traveled and worked all over the world - must be the nomadic gene in me.

English is not my first language. I rarely do rewrites, I almost never do spec scripts, and all these little notes just me pushing my imagination away from busy streets. Oh and don't forget, I don't plan to become an Oscar-winning material. I am just delivering a message. Those who know how to read between the lines will find something this universe has been successfully hiding for billions of years.

Have fun! 

Sizzle reel and contacts: https://youtu.be/QJl8EskUvtA

My day job - strategy consulting: telcos, banks, tech startups, crisis management - boring!!!...

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Scripts By Jay

Ten Scripts
Full-time LA accountant part-time screenwriter gets a second chance after divorce when a good Samaritan delivers his scripts to a struggling Hollywood producer.
Short Drama For sale 12pp
4 readers love this script
Earthly, Truly Yours
Mediocre intergalactic maintenance crew on a routine visit to planet Earth has to team up with unsuspecting humans to stop self-righteous Overmind from wrecking the entire universe.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 118pp
3 readers love this script
This Never Happened Before
Newspaper intern has to cross the jungles in search of the flower of life to make it in time to the sacred waterfall before End-of-the-World solar eclipse.
Feature Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Mystery For sale 100pp
2 readers love this script
Dream On
Five random people share the same dream where they meet over a coffee to discuss their real lives, until one day things get real.
Short Drama, Fantasy, Romance For sale 33pp
2 readers love this script
Dark Bright Midnight
A retiring criminal mastermind, in the middle of a very last job, risks losing everything by trying to save a woman he just met.
Feature Action, Drama For sale 92pp
1 reader loves this script
Two Dots (all 3 parts)
The lifelines of seemingly unfamiliar strangers intertwine in a loop of events destined to change their lives.
Short Crime, Drama, Mystery For sale 20pp
1 reader loves this script
Linkers Inc
Agents of an organization that invented teleportation go deep undercover to fight their nemesis.
Web Series Pilot Action, Sci-Fi For sale 10pp
1 reader loves this script
The Axis Noxious
The path of a divine collector of lives crosses the lifeline of an ER doctor throwing him on a self-destructive crusade against his own ruthless conscience.
Feature Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery For sale 111pp
1 reader loves this script
The Internationale
An undercover agent goes rogue to stop an international shadow organization created by her own brother from deploying the deadly virus from the small orbiting satellites.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 59pp
1 reader loves this script
True Detective 101
An FBI agent on vacation, who finds herself trapped in her own death investigation dream, has to solve her own murder, to find the serial killer.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery For sale 110pp