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Jay Pendragon
Berlin, Germany

Jay Pendragon | Berlin | 29, queer, trans* (they/them)

I'm a writer of (fan)fiction, filmmaker and – you guessed it – a screenwriter!

So far, I have written, directed and produced two short films: Acceptance/Akzeptanz (2016) and The Hacker (2017).

You can read my completed scripts here on Scriptrevolution. Highlights include:

  • "Hellfully", a dramedy in which a body-positive bakery opens across the street from a fitness center, forcing a trainer to confront his unhealthy relationship to food, fitness, and himself;
  • "Food Issues", a pilot script for a drama series about a fat dietician and the anti-diet support group she starts;
  • "The Holo Hack", a spy drama with a protagonist who happens to be queer;
  • "End of Denial", a dramatic short about how a mother deals with her family's past of child sexual abuse.

I'm always happy to give feedback to fellow writers since I think we need to band together and help one another... I'm also quite the idealist, though it seems so many people in the industry see only the business side of storytelling. That's probably why I've fallen in love with Scriptrevolution at first sight! 

A note on representation, diversity, and the power of media

As someone who has experienced first-hand how a film can change someone's life, I'm conscious of the role creators play in shaping all our lives.

Movies aren't created – or consumed – in a vacuum and I believe every creator owes their audience the respect of holding themselves to a higher standard. That means reflecting on the role they have as content creators and applying the results to their craft.  

Plus, I'm a non-binary writer who identifies as pansexual demiromantic (and is happy to explain what that all means). I'm also a white person trying to be the best ally I can be, both personally and professionally – keyword critical whiteness.

All these aspects of my personality affect the way I engage with media as well as how I approach my own works. I love to entertain, to affect and to prompt readers and viewers to reflect on the world and their role in it, which I'll hopefully achieve with every project anew! 


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