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Jay Shirtz
Dallas, United States

Jay Shirtz is an award winning screenwriter, songwriter, poet and playwright. Raised in Dripping Springs, Texas, Jay headed to the University of North Texas and earned a bachelor's degree in Theatre. After he received his degree he decided to pursue his art in New York City. Jay was screenwriter on the film Red Ridge which won the New York Independent Film Festival. Jay wrote and directed the short film "Jesse" which was honored at the AOF film festival for "best dialogue." Another of Jay's short scripts "Sugar" was produced a year later and won three awards at AOF, including "Best Drama Short."

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Scripts By Jay

The Devil We Keep In The Root Cellar
A young boy seeks the help of a wounded Devil, as the abuses of his parents get more and more dangerous everyday.
Short Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 7pp
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My Bloodsucking Valentine - Pilot
When an English teacher's high school sweetheart reenters his life, the biggest barrier standing in the way of reigniting old flames isn't that she's his new student... it's that she's a vampire.
Web Series Pilot Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Thriller For sale 43pp