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J.E. Carbo
Naples, United States

Originally from Cuba, Jose was taken to the US from a very young age. Always in love with drama stories, video games, and ancient history, the passion for writing was crafted during his teenage years during which he participated in the first online RPGs forums of the time where the stories would unfold in almost real-time. The countless nights participating in these exchanges cemented his love for the craft. However, life would have him abandon this "hobby" at the time for more immediate endeavors. Eventually moving to the EU to finish his school, and consequently repeating the process two more times between the US and EU would prevent him from ever getting his hands on a keyboard intended to write stories.  However, he was finally driven into the world of screenplay after returning to the EU from a family vacation in 2019. It was a year of many transformations, and screenwriting was always a thing in the back of his mind, it just kept popping up whenever ideas about a story would resurface. Consequently, only after return home is when he would start what would become his first major project, a 60-minute drama tv pilot. Since he has written two separate spec scripts, but continues with his original project, as the story continues to absorb him. With no prior experience, this is being both a teacher and trial. Still, the love for the story and the craft has him pushing forward. His goal, to write stories never told before about moments rich with human history, drama, and legend. 

Scripts By J.E.

Defenders of The Realm
Earthrealm's champion , Liu Kang, must prepare the rest of the warriors to withstand Shao Khan and Outworld's worst onslaught yet. Little does he know the Shadow Emperor is just the tip of the iceberg.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy For sale 47pp
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Sempronius Longus suffers a devastating defeat while Consul Scipio goes searching for his son and Laelius who have disappeared after the battle. Back in Rome, Fabius Maximus schemes the demise of the Scipios.
Episode Action, Drama, History, Romance, War For sale 53pp
An African American teen must cope with the loss of his mother, the troubles of an adolescent, and his new secret life as a superhero.
TV Pilot Action, Comedy, Fantasy For sale 30pp
Africanus - The Two Consuls Ep.2
The Carthaginians hunt for the Romans who receive good news under the worst of circumstances. Meanwhile, the Senate is not as united as one thinks. Senators scheme in the name of power, and influence.
Episode Action, Drama, History, Romance, War For sale 57pp
Africanus - Flumine Sanguinis Ep.3
And the river will run red with their blood. Flumine Sanguinis.
Episode Drama For sale 48pp
To protect all he holds dear a patrician heir must survive war against Rome's greatest enemy. His journey will mold him into Rome's greatest General and threat. Will he be known as Savior or Tyrant?
TV Pilot Action, Drama, History, Romance, War For sale 66pp