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Jeff Lewis Mr.
Midland, United States

I'm a screenplay writer or try to be. My first movie "Getting Grace' hit the screens with limited dist. 4-23-2018 with Daniel Roebuck directing and acting it. Fandango for what that's worth viewers seemed to enjoy it and that's all that matters. I'm here by mistake. Worked as a corrections officer for 24 years and never imagined that writing screenplays would be such an addiction for me. The screenplay I've posted "The Human Side" came about after watching a newsprogram about one religious group killing off another religious group. Only problem was it was happening today not back in the 15th century. So I tried to use humor and demonstrate that yes, as odd as it may seem different religions can work together for the better of mankind. Hope you enjoy.

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Scripts By Jeff Lewis

In Washington when careers are at stake stolen or missing money never gets reported it's just called miscellaneous funding. So he who has the money gets to keep the money.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Romance For sale 117pp
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Good music can touch the very soul of a man. Even a dead man.
Feature Comedy For sale 119pp
When you lift the veil around earth you'll see we are is just "ants in an aquarium" and we're very violent army ants. To the rest of the galaxy nonintervention is no longer an option.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 117pp
When the Dog Comes Home
You're a feminist and somebody is trying to kill you but how can you find the killer when 93.4% of men (according to surveys) hate you? Every living Y-chromosome specimen is a suspect.
Feature Comedy For sale 106pp
The Human Side
Father Manuals needs a little PR to save his church financially so he starts the BLESSING OF THE BREASTS Sunday tradition and miracles of miracles his budget is in the black again.
Feature Family For sale 113pp
Bending Spoons
Bending Spoons is simply mind over matter but you want to believe, you know you do.
Feature Family Sold 106pp