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Jeff Rohrick
Des Moines, United States

Jeff works to create world-building stories that audiences want to return to again and again. A graduate of the USC's School of Theatre, with an MFA in screenwriting, Jeff soon found himself spending much more time at the film school, studies film and television writing where he discovered his true passion. Along the way, he interned at Roland Joffe's Nomad Productions, was one of the first script readers at Echo Lake Productions, and later moved on the CAA.

The most curious thing about Jeff is his insatiable curiosity. This has led to having had 27 paying jobs over the course of his life - and no, never fired! From high school drama teacher to semi-professional poker player to editorial assistant at the North American Review, the nation's oldest literary magazine, Jeff has seized opportunities that are brimming with story potential. He loves to create world-building stories that audiences to return to again and again, inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Lord of the Rings, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and most importantly, Star Trek. If that's not enough of a hint, Jeff is an enormous nerd who still plays Dungeons & Dragons with his friends from high school.

Jeff is excited to be a part of Script Revolution and will slowly be adding his material to all to enjoy.


Scripts By Jeff

Ahab Van Helsing, Vampire Shark Hunter
On the anniversary of his wife’s unsolved, supernatural murder, drunken sheriff Ahab Van Helsing must rally his town of misfits to battle a vampire shark and its aquatic offspring.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 110pp