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Jeff Zampino
Las Vegas, United States

Hi, I'm Jeff, and I'm a comedy feature writer from SIn City. I like combining genres, but one will always be comedy. 

I've written and produced about a dozen short films (you can see some on my website,.

I have been writing features for about 5 years. My script Cracked Aces (A caper comedy set in Vegas) made top 10 in The Stage 32 Comedy Writing Contest, and placed 3rd (out of 3324 entries) in the 2020 Scriptapalooza.

Finished my most recent screenplay, Plume Raiders, and working on my next 2 (Polarity and Mortimer McGee & the Malevolent Mayheming Machine).

On set, I have been everything from a PA to Production Design and recently, Director. My favorite job is screenwriting or anything pre-production. I stay away from both ends of the camera as I am no actor and certainly no Camera Op.


Stage 32 Comedy - Finalist
(Cracked Aces)

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Scripts By Jeff

Cracked Aces
After a hotshot poker player accidentally defeats a mobster’s daughter, he joins forces with a fiery brothel madam, a septuagenarian showgirl, and an unhinged Girl Scout in a high-stakes gamble to win back his life.
Feature Comedy, Sport For sale 99pp
Stage 32 Comedy - Finalist
9 readers love this script
Plume Raiders
After the Titanic sinks with a fortune in exotic feathers aboard, Britain hires a dishonored war veteran, a scrappy ornithologist, and an eccentric haberdasher to steal a flock of ostriches from ruthless pirates.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, History For sale 104pp
2 readers love this script
A near-perfect bank robbery falls apart after an argument over the dough.
Short Comedy For sale 12pp
1 reader loves this script