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Jenna Payne

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Jenna Payne
Los Angeles, United States

Scrappy, DIY New Yorker Jenna Payne has a penchant for film noir, buckets of blood, and fast talking. She is currently creating lo fi animations for YouTube and working freelance commercial and film production. She won an award on her first ever short film, Feline Frenzy, and challenges herself to move forward with every project.

After Hurricane Sandy left lower Manhattan powerless, Jenna pulled together a cast and crew of intrepid filmmakers to direct the only narrative made in blacked out New York City - Darktown. The project was conceived of and shot in the final 24 hours of power outage and released online. The L.A. Neo Noir Film Festival honored the film with a 2016 Grand Jury Award.

In 2013, Jenna moved to Hollywood, U.S.A.. She is developing a horror slasher set against the backdrop of the collapse of the American auto industry in Flint, Mich. called The Big Three Are after Me and an Appalachian Godfather series for television called 'Shiner, which has been selected by the Capital Fund Screenplay CompetitionTable Read My Screenplay, and Women In Film’s Mini Upfronts at William Morris Endeavor. The madcap series Zompire Vixens from Pluto! is being converted into a graphic novel.

In addition to her creative endeavors, Jenna works with the 501c3 non-profit Cinefemme to support and promote women filmmakers in the industry and runs their monthly dinner series with industry movers and shakers called Dinner with Dames. Whatever happens next, Jenna is looking forward to whatever is just around the corner.

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Scripts By Jenna

During Prohibition, an out of work coal miner in Depression-ravaged Appalachia must make a choice between following his honest principles or distilling moonshine to feed his family.
Short Action, Crime, Drama, Family, History Seeking finance 14pp
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