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Jennifer Chapman

Hi, Everyone!
I am studying for my BFA in Writing for Film, Television and Digital Media.

I've written short stories, and I have a collection of poems. When I am not writing screenplays, I am writing a novel about a teenage girl and the paranormal. Of course, novel writing is much different than screenwriting, but I feel that a person can do both.

I love inventing worlds and creating the characters who live in them. I am very close to my characters and I strive for readers to connect with them too on a deep, emotional level. I want readers to step into the worlds I create and be entertained. I want them to be able to forget their problems for a while and have fun.

I have two completed short film scripts and am working on a third which is a thriller.
Thank you for reading!

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Scripts By Jennifer

Pregnant Teen Princess
Self-absorbed, pregnant 16-year old television star Ariel Wilde who portrays innocence, plans a secret abortion but her boyfriend finds out and confronts her at the clinic.
Short Drama Seeking finance 11pp
1 reader loves this script
An abused wife of a Deputy Chief of Police faces a lone rookie cop on a 911 call. Will the rookie choose to rescue the wife or his boss?
Short Drama Seeking finance 13pp