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Jennifer Le Roux
Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Comedy / Fantasy / YA and Childrens Screenwriter. Twitter @jenniferthered Instagram @jenniferthered.leroux

I studied screenwriting in the 90s and mid-noughties, but alas I sold my soul to the corporate underworld as a digital marketer. All was not lost though, in 2016 I escaped employment and thrived as a freelance writer for top brands, elearning companies, escape rooms and tech SaaS brands worldwide. So, while I've been writing professionally as a digital marketer for more than 12 years, I am but a mere mortal at the beginnings of my screenwriting journey. In fact, it was a late diagnosis of ADHD that led me back to the craft of screenwriting in 2019, when I quickly discovered that screenwriting activated my [slow-mo hair blast] ADHD superpowers; superior verbal skills, hyperactive productivity and a limitless perspective. I predominantly write female dominant and neurodiverse character-led comedy drama with British humour, U.S. sparkle and a meaningful underbelly. As an avid dreamer, ex dancer and singer, I also dip into my musical influences and play with the boundaries of magical realism.

Scripts By Jennifer

Glitter Box: Same Shit Different Show
A woman with ADHD escapes corporate London to discover it's the same shit different show in the coworking buzz of Brighton, where glitter-covered distractions (and her dead Aunt) come to life through her wild imagination.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Music, Musical For sale 61pp
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To Be Honest: Lifetime on the Hips
Ex dancer and closet fashion designer, Bex (30s), feels like a big fat failure until she hijacks her bestie's parent hip hop dance crew, reclaims her power, and embraces the F-word (aka fat).
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 60pp
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Intramural Secrets
Imprisoned by her mother's evil twin in New York, Eve dreams of the outside, while her older sister remembers their real home beyond the trees with their real mother, a homeless tarot reader with amnesia.
Short Fantasy For sale 18pp
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ADHD woman, Lana, expects a promotion when her boss hires out a cafe, but instead gets fired. When her bestie manager doesn't back her up, Lana unleashes her superpowers to get revenge.
Episode Comedy, Drama In development 11pp
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Sausage Promise
An age gap love story between friends and lovers from university weaves its web over Halloween in the past and present, but they all find their "beautifully imperfect" way eventually.
Short Comedy For sale 40pp
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Life After Baby: Sausage Promise
A nostalgic age-gap love story between a commitment phobic cougar and an over-affectionate young dreamer who, along with friends and lovers from university, struggle with adulting and feel stuck in the past.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 42pp
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High School Hackers
Rebel teen hacker, Mia, moves so often with her filmmaker mom, every new high school is a chance to reinvent herself. On a mission to be popular, Mia takes the ultimate mean girls clique down.
TV Pilot Comedy, Family, Fantasy For sale 32pp
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Attention Seekers: Shits and Fin Wiggles
Two ADHD women discover that combined they have super-powers. On a whim they rent a sea view office, night sublet to a dodgy filmmaker and open a coworking space that dooms them to further distraction.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 46pp
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