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I was born on June 6th 1977 in Trenton New Jersey. I graduated from the Mercer County High School of Perfoprming Arts in 1995. While I love acting, the creative process has been the dominant passion in my life. My love of writing and my interest in film production came at an early age and has stuck with me through the years. After a bit of an adventure that took me to several parts of the country, I wound up in Arizona and attended The Film School At SCC off and on from 2006 to 2013. I am currently on active duty with the United states Army Reserves and now live in Kansas with my wife and 4 kids. Between my 11 years with the Army and rasing my kids (Before I met my current wife, I was a single father with sole custody of three kids), I had not had the time to persue my passions. I had recently found that time again when Ideas came pouring in like an out of control fountain. I was now able to finish a screenplay I had started 13 years ago.

Scripts By Jeremiah

The Legacy
A second Civil War in America has branched off into the rest of the world, causing World War III. Now 27 years later as the war rages on, a secret weapon threatens a worldwide holocaust.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, War For sale 116pp
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Untitled work in progress
Inspired by actual events. Pete was desperate to keep his family together. Betrayal after betrayal has torn it apart. Twisted thoughts of revenge now consume an otherwise good man.
Feature Thriller In development 44pp