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Jeremy Andrew Davis

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Jeremy Andrew Davis
Canton, United States

I’m an empath. I’ve always had a gift for connecting with people’s emotions. Partially because of this, I’ve always wanted to help people.

In seventh grade I saw what an impact movies had on helping me deal with anxiety and depression. I’ve had a one-track mind to become a writer/director ever since. Today I am a YouTube influencer; as a team-member of Flite Test I have 1.6 million followers. We use RC aviation as a tool to encourage families and friends to connect, express themselves creatively, and make meaningful memories together.

The greatest experience in my years in the industry has been putting together projects that have literally saved people’s lives. I channel the lessons I’ve learned from overcoming my own personal struggles into my stories, each one of which is dedicated to empathy and helping the audience explore a theme that could change their lives.

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Scripts By Jeremy Andrew

When a stolen aerospace prototype disguised as an overnight bag winds up in the hands of an aeronautical engineer with a crippling anxiety disorder, foreign spies target him for elimination, pushing him past his sanity.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Thriller For sale 111pp