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Jeremy Storey
Seattle, United States

I've been writing on-and-off most of my life. I've written Feature length screenplays, as well as award-winning Short screenplays and Stage plays. For me, writing is a form of catharsis. I love to explore emotions, characters, and worlds. It's a place where I lose a sense of time, as I'm happily consumed by my imagination. Regardless of whether or not I translate my passion to a profession, I know that I'll always write, for this desire is woven into the fabric of my creative soul.


Scripts By Jeremy

When a grief-stricken, world-famous writer is given a chance to save the one he loves, he must face a profound decision; follow his heart, or doom a million strangers.
Short Drama, Fantasy Free (subject to permission) 23pp
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Tower of Strength
A distraught father with a violent past takes justice into his own hands, after his son is accidentally killed in the cross-fire between rival gangs.
Short Action, Mystery, Thriller Free (subject to permission) 21pp
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Cat & Mouse
When Harry’s deadly job returns him home after fifteen years, his carefully calibrated anonymity is compromised when he learns that his target involves an old love, safeguarding a dreadful secret.
Short Action, Thriller Free (subject to permission) 24pp
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Murderers that get pinched and punished are the lucky ones. Those that slip into the darkness have the misfortune of meeting Melville. For killing has consequences... Some worldly. Some other.
Short Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery Free (subject to permission) 23pp
El Bestia
Stuck in a brutal Mexican prison known at ‘Purgatory’, a desperate young man forms an unlikely bond with his intimidating cellmate, a menacing brute the guards refer to as ‘El Bestia’.
Short Crime, Drama Free (subject to permission) 28pp
Dog Years
Bobby and his canine companion, Barley, go for one last walk, reminiscing about all the good, bad and in-between they've experienced over their eventful and emotional 100 dog years together.
Short Drama, Family, Romance Free (subject to permission) 27pp