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Jerry Robbins
Boston, United States



As Co-founder of the Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air, I've written over 450 Audio Dramas, all published and produced (Publishers include Blackstone Audio, Brilliance Audio), including four award winning productions with Ray Bradbury. My dramas were heard daily on Sirius XM for 8 years on Sonic Theatre and Book Radio. Screenplays: Jimmy And The Star Angel (Winner Best Screenplay HIMPFF), They Beckon, Always Christmas, Tulips, The Secret of Wendigo (under option). TV: 1hr period drama pilots: Powder River (western, adapted from my 12 season, 162 episode audio series), Royall House (18th century Salem MA), 1/2 hr sit-com: All For One! (present day)


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Scripts By Jerry

When a traveling circus arrives in town, a psychotic clown searches out victims who are perfect specimens for a deadly sideshow exhibit.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 94pp
1 reader loves this script
All For One!
A famous Hollywood writer suddenly finds work impossible to accomplish when his three nephews arrive with suitcases in hand, bad news, and move-in-ready mischief.
TV Pilot Comedy, Family For sale 38pp
1 reader loves this script
Always Christmas
A cynical young girl helps a depressed ninety year old who’s about to be evicted from his home on Christmas Eve, and discovers the key to happiness in the present can be the past.
Feature Family For sale 100pp
1 reader loves this script
They Beckon
Estate appraisers find themselves in the fight of their lives against shadow people, walking corpses, doppelgängers, and the curse of the Mansion of the Elms.
Feature Horror For sale 109pp
Jimmy And The Star Angel
A brother and sister are transported into the magical, perilous world of their Christmas tree, and must reach the top where the Star Angel can restore them to normal size.
Feature Adventure, Animation, Family, Musical For sale 103pp
The Secret of Wendigo
A group of friends at a remote lakeside cabin find themselves in a deadly nightmare when the trail cameras on the property reveal ghostly, demonic images surrounding them.
Feature Horror, Thriller Under Option 90pp
4 readers love this script