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Jerry Robbins
Boston, United States

Screenplays - Features

Catch the Bullet (Western) Completed. Feifer Worldwide, starring Tom Skerritt, Peter Facinelli, Jay Pickett, Gattlin Griffith. (Best Feature Screenplay – Wild Bunch Film Festival.)

The Legend of Lake Hollow (Horror) Filming, Penumbra Entertainment.

Christmas At Exit 24 (Romcom) Under Option

Climb (Animated holiday musical) Academy Nicholls Fellowship Quarterfinalist, Best Screenplay Hollywood Int’l Motion Picture Festival, Best Screenplay Crown Wood Int’l. Film Festival, Best Screenplay Sunny Side Up Festival, Official Selection - Finish Line, Finalist at Lonely Seal Film Festival. Script coverage: Double Recommend - (Screenplay Gurus). Under Shop Agreement with Urban Elephant Media

They Beckon (Horror) Official Selection Diabolical Film Fest. Coverage: Recommend, Pipeline Entertainment.

Always Christmas (Family).

The Christmas Visitor (Family).

Tulips (Horror).

Encounter at Hopkinsville (Sci-fi thriller).

Million Dollar High (Comedy).

Christmas At Chestnut Cottage (Romcom)

Gifted Children (Horror) Script coverage: Double Recommend (Screenwriting Staffing).

Wicked Things (Horror) Script coverage: Double Recommend (Screenwriting Staffing).

The Unexpected Romance of Captain Sam (Romcom).

Climb II - Back To The Tree (Animated musical)

Guns of Powder River (Western) Grand Winner - Wild Bunch Film Festival

Bows for Holly (Romcom).

The Dickens You Say (Comedy) Official Selection Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards.

ShowGhosts (Animated musical).

Warehouse One (Action/thriller)

The Fugitives Trail (Western).

The Rustlers (Western - in progress)

Two Weeks In Falmouth (Drama - in progress)

The Whites Of Their Eyes (Historical, action, in progress)


The Reb (Drama short)

9 Circle Street (Horror, Short) co-written with Connor McAulay

Audio Drama
I have also written over 480 audio dramas, all produced by Colonial Radio Theatre, and released through Brilliance Audio and Blackstone Audio. Titles include Ticonderoga, Captain Blood, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Gettysburg, Shiloh, The Alamo, Yankee Clipper and the Adventure of the Golden Sphinx, King Solomon’s Mines, and The Canterville Ghost.

In 2006 I started a five year collaboration with legendary author Ray Bradbury, producing Dandelion Wine, followed by Something Wicked This Way Comes, and wrote the scripts for The Halloween Tree and The Martian Chronicles – all award winning productions.

I collaborated with Broadway playwright William Luce on the audio drama version of Barrymore, and with Star Trek’s Walter Koenig, producing the audio drama Buck Alice and the Actor-Robot.

My audio dramas played six days a week on  Sirius-XM for eight years, and my western series Powder River ran 13 seasons with 178 half-hour episodes and two feature length productions.

Unique traits: Former Captain of Grenadiers in HM 10th Regiment, an 18th century Revolutionary War unit (I commanded the Trooping of the Colours at Dover Castle, UK!). 


Nicholl Fellowship - Quarter-Finalist

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Scripts By Jerry

In a night of sheer terror, a teenager and her younger brother and sister desperately battle a deadly, psychotic, but always happy clown, who has followed them home from the circus.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 94pp
5 readers love this script
Always Christmas
A cynical young girl discovers the true meaning of Christmas by rallying the community around an isolated old man who has been unable to move on from the tragedies of his past.
Feature Family For sale 96pp
4 readers love this script
They Beckon
At the isolated Mansion of the Elms, estate appraisers find themselves in the fight of their lives against newly awakened shadow people, walking corpses and doppelgängers craving revenge for their murders.
Feature Horror For sale 104pp
3 readers love this script
Encounter at Hopkinsville
When a UFO descends upon a remote Kentucky farm, a family must defend itself against an attack of small alien creatures. Inspired by actual events.
Feature Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 105pp
3 readers love this script
Magically transported to the perilous world of their own Christmas tree, a brother and sister race to find the Star Angel before morning sunbeams freeze them into ornaments.
Feature Adventure, Animation, Family, Musical For sale 109pp
Nicholl Fellowship - Quarter-Finalist
2 readers love this script
Bows For Holly
A television actress returns to her home town and is asked to appear in the community Christmas Play. Unable to memorize lines without a teleprompter, a handsome local newspaper reporter helps her with unexpected results.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 105pp
2 readers love this script
The Reb
When a fifteen-year-old Union soldier is separated from his company and left for dead behind enemy lines, a grizzled Confederate risks everything to help him reach a Union camp.
Short Drama, History, War For sale 20pp
1 reader loves this script
The Dickens You Say
When fictional characters materialize from a magical first edition of "A Christmas Carol" into a young woman's living room, she tries her best to keep them out of the town and out of trouble.
Feature Comedy, Family For sale 112pp
1 reader loves this script
Wicked Things
A team of metal detecting treasure hunters unearth an 18th-century relic in the Adirondack wilderness, unleashing a demonic Native-American spirit.
Feature Horror For sale 105pp
1 reader loves this script
Gifted Children
A reporter seeks to uncover the truth about sinister occurrences surrounding a home for gifted children.
Feature Horror For sale 107pp
1 reader loves this script