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Jerry Suits
Denver, United States

From childhood I have always been a visual person with a very active imagination. My mother said I drew a sketch of a witch on a broom when I was two years old (she saved and dated it). At age five, I imagined playing American football wearing a sock cap and carrying a small pillow. I ducked and circumvented every tackler- trees in a row- never tackled and always scored the winning touchdown. In high school, I enjoyed physics class and four creative writing exercises. In college I majored in engineering and minored in art, but writing poetry was my favorite pastime. After a carrier in teaching science, I am now passionate about writing movie scripts. First one is about a nerdy graduate student who studies snakes, meets a woman who studies isolated tribes, and they go on an adventure in the Amazon. Second one focuses on a hick basketball team overcoming racial frictions and only a little talent to play in the state championship tournament game. Third one in the planning stages: an old, crippled lawman confrontes a vicious gang terrorizing the Ozark hills.