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Jimmy Maddox
Los Angeles, United States

I am just getting my toes wet with screenwriting at the age of 50. 
I have been indulged with watching YouTube videos, reading paperback books and digital books and researching all I can about proper writing techniques, do's and don'ts, formatting and trade tips in the industry.

I've lived in L.A. 3 different times in my life. 
In Oct. 2020 I moved back to a new residence about half a mile from NBC-Uni in Toluca Lake, Ca.
My background has been a videographer for TV news, both ground and aerial as well as an editor. I've worked for stations in Texas, where I am from originally, and in LA, including E! Networks about 20 years ago. 

I have also worked extensively in direct sales with a major cable company and alarm company when I was not working in TV or editing. 
That profession allowed me to really see the real America first hand. 

In 2002, I shot and produced a 1hr documentary in Texas about amateur and semi professional ghost hunting / investigations which was self funded and went absolutely nowhere. I learned a lot from that experience. 
Today I freelance as a professional teleprompter operator and Live Streamer.

For fun I like to power walk the scenic trails in southern California and travel abroad when possible.
I can be artistically eccentric at times and cosmic by nature. Half Glass empty type of guy unless I see a positive side. LOL