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J.J. Williams

 J.J. is an energetic spirit, with a sense of humor, but a focused creative author that enjoys immersing his ideas into imaginary, and sometimes terrifying stories within the realm of speculative fiction. Residing within Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he is a former Entertainment Technology student and a recipient of the Unsung Hero Award, contributing his words surrounding tragic events that fell upon Baton Rouge of 2016. His submission, "Still Water Rus Deep", is an immersive story about isolation and courage.

When not working on improving his writing skills, J. J. enjoys watching creature features, stargazing, volunteering, reading about cryptids, obsessing  over stoats, creating digital art, composing space soundscape music, writing the occasional poem, and eating tasty exquisite foods.

He's pretty interested in visiting other countries outside of America.


He's super excited about joining Script Revolution and is actively working on his own screenplay within the supernatural and horror genres. He gets a kick out of reading other screenplays doing his own embarrassing V.O. of characters! 

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Scripts By J.J.

A whimsical alien and his young supernaturally gifted Earthly protégés must put a stop to a race of malevolent aliens behind the deadly disappearances of the city locals.
Web Series Pilot Animation, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Seeking finance 6pp