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JM Navon
Houston, United States

JM Navon is a Christian Fiction and Non-Fiction writer. He was born Jewish on both mother and father side. He embraced Christianity upon study scriptures. His inspiration came from both events and miracles which happen to him during his life, with the hope that his story will reinforce peoples belief in God and his Son. In his writings, his stories are packed with suspense, action, and romance and gives people hope that one day there will be salvation. His mission is to write stories and sell them, to obtain proceeds, to help Children all over the world that are abused, neglected, and poor. His first Novel, Joshua The Spy is available in Script form. He is writing a second sequel which will be more intriguing.  

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Scripts By JM

Joshua The Spy
Joshua comes from another world to Spy and sees how corrupt the world is. He is tormented by Satan.
Feature Action, Adventure, Romance, Thriller For sale 128pp