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The multi-talented Joao Antonio Nsita is a writer, comedian, producer and director, who is firstly a writer who writes for performers of all background and voice. He was born Joao Antonio Nsita in Angola in 1988 during the civil wars ravaging the country and from ages of six to 8 raised in Portugal and France. His mother, who he won't name, was a single mother who raised through bible teachings, and his father, who again he won't name died during a war in Uige, Angola. Joao is a self-taught writer. He has no formal training or education.


In 2011, at age 23, while living on his own, Joao discovered his love for comedy by watching the office. The British mockumentary following Ricky Gervais character David Brent. He fell in love with writing in an instant. So he started writing things down, and that turned to study the craft of writing through Google. This then led to him reading hundreds of scripts to Him writing them up until 2020 where Joao had the genius idea of starting a podcast you know because the world needs another Podcast.


Joao is a producer, editor, writer and director for the podcast. His first produced work of fiction was Her and Me, a romantic thriller following a butler trapped in a woman's web. Joao then started writing monologues, which range from love stories to stories involving theology.

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Scripts By Joao

Sister Love - (Pilot)
After a bitter row with her boyfriend, where he gained powers in which to use her, A woman asks her brainy sister for help on how to recapture back her relationship powers.
TV Pilot Comedy, Romance For sale 24pp
Posh and Ginger - Episode Two
After finding out she's seeing a married man, Posh tries to convince Ginger not to see him, however, Posh is determined not to listen to him, until she comes face to face with her behaviour.
Episode Comedy, Romance For sale 27pp
Divorce - Episode One
In love with her best friend, A woman tries to convince him that he should like her back, however, the man’s feelings for his wife and her sister could put her plans in danger.
TV Pilot Comedy, Romance For sale 19pp
Platonic - Episode Two
As Abbie prepares for the date of a lifetime, Fabio walks her through her plan to get her man, James.
Episode Comedy, Romance For sale 11pp
Platonic - Pilot
after a disastrous night trying to dazzle her possible man, A woman is forced to tell her best friend what occurred during the night, can her romance be saved before it's even started.
TV Pilot Comedy, Romance For sale 18pp
Dates - Episode Three
After agreeing to look after Logan's nephew, Zoe's surprised by Logan's odd behaviour towards him. Could secrets from Logan's past affect their relationship moving forward?
Episode Comedy, Romance For sale 12pp
Dates - Episode Two
for their second date, Logan and Zoe decide to do the unspeakable of sleeping together, will they still be able to look at each other after the event?
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 11pp
Dates - Pilot
After meeting at work, Logan and Zoe go on their first date. Will their connection last beyond one date?
TV Pilot Comedy, Romance For sale 8pp
Dates - Episode Five
Unable to stop or discourage Logan from obtaining info about her background, Zoe's forced into having the chat, which could have devastating consequences for her relationship with Logan.
Episode Comedy, Romance For sale 18pp
Posh and Ginger - Pilot
After the death of his parents, A lonely man (Posh) decides to take in a new roommate, however, he's isn't expecting his new roommate (Ginger) to be so challenging, can Posh deal with her?
TV Pilot Comedy, Romance For sale 18pp