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I'm Joao. I've been writing scripts since 2011, my scripts are generally adult-themed, I love nothing more than to write banter and filled with witty jokes. i'm hoping to be the next chandler bing through writing. I think I'm daydreaming again.

I also, write drama scripts. I find writing drama teaches me the skills in need to form a better understanding of story structure. I'm a huge believer in trying to make my audience stay glued to their seat with my stories.  So I like to throw in tornadoes, snow blizzards anything at my characters in the hopes people will read longer and be entertained.  damn, we hope your scripts are great with those sorts of build-ups.

I like strong characters with obsessions. I set clear goals for them and make sure even if they don't get their goals, they get their needs. I like them to be strong-willed. I want them to be tested. this means throwing them in the midst of tornado-like I mentioned earlier. My writing life is very relaxed I tend to write in five blocks a day for an hour. I wake up at 4 am to write. You could possibly call me the Mark Wahlberg or Dwayne Johnson of this world.  no messing. I have work to accomplish. I have a purpose. i will get my goals. I guess you can say my work ethic is like Cristiano Ronaldo and the other men I mentioned before.

I also enjoy reading. I'm like Richard Curtis' in a sense that if any romantic film that comes out, I'm the first one in the queue to watch it. My favourite movie is "When Harry met Sally" it's a classic. if you've not watched it, may I ask in the kindest way, where have you been living? My favourite Richard Curtis movie has to be a toss between, Notting Hill and Love Actually''

My Top Five Favourite Sitcoms Are - 1 - Big Bang Theory  2 - Friends  3 -  The Office (UK)  4- Frasier  5 -  Brooklyn Nine-Nine  

My Top Five Dramas Of All Time Are - 1 - Breaking Bad  2- The Street  3 - Life on Mars  4 - Doctor Who  5 - Eastender  

 Thanks for reading my profile and see you around the site.

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Scripts By Joao

To win back her what if ex, Cary tries to enlist the help of her ex-boyfriend. however, she's just recently pepper-sprayed him.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
Choose Me
A man is forced to choose between his lover and girlfriend after his secrets are slowly revealed, but could his girlfriend already know? and what secrets are his lovers hiding?
Short Drama For sale 14pp
Love At War
A man struggles to convince his girlfriend that she needs to tell her parents about him, but she's resolved not to do it because of a secret she's hiding.
Short Drama Available for Free 15pp
Our Love Is Over
Liam has been dumped so his mother hires a friend to help him, however, the helper has feelings for him and will do everything to stop his relationship from relighting.
TV Pilot Comedy Available for Free 30pp